How to use SeaConditions

Access to the forecasts occurs through a few simple steps, by using the right side menu:

·         date and time selection, as in the example:


·         map selection, among those available within the different sections ("Sea Forecast", "Sea Satellite Observations", "Weather Forecast"):


The following picture shows sea temperature for the 16th January 2015, at 01:00 p.m. (local time):

To consult the forecast data in a map point, click on the position required. A window pops up showing the forecast trend for the displayed forecast variable in that specific point. The following picture shows a sample of surface currents in a map point:


The left side menu gives access to further data:

- coastline;

Using the left side menu you can set up the basemap type (map/satellite, with or without place names) and the forecast map opacity, changing the visibility of the basemap.

Some of the basemap display options can be set "once and for all". By selecting "Preferences" from the right side menu, you can access the configuration panel:

Here are the options:

- "generals": the default forecast map, the format of the forecast time, the visibility of the legend, the fullscreen/normal screen mode;

- "unit of measurement" for surface currents and winds;

- "map configuration", i.e. the type of basemap (map/satellite, with or without grid).