SeaConditions tra le 5 app fondamentali per la navigazione

SeaConditions menzionato dal Corriere tra le 5 app fondamentali per la navigazione in mare grazie ai servizi di previsione meteo-marine ed oceanografiche nel Mar Mediterraneo ...

SeaConditions is also Premium on the Web!

Subscribe SeaConditions mobile! From 1st July you can use Premium services also on the web ( )!

SeaConditions at the 31° Brindisi Corfù Race

SeaConditions supports the 31° Brindisi Corfù Race ( from 8th to the 10th of June 2016 providing the weather-marine forecast along the race course.

Innovation and forecast: a transatlantic collaboration at 35th America’s Cup

A new collaboration between CMCC Ocean-Lab, Links Management and Technology S.p.A and Davidson Laboratory, Steven’s Institute of Technology’s marine research laboratory.

BTM (Business Tourism Management) Puglia 2016

SeaConditions partecipa alla Business Tourism Management Puglia 2016 che si terrà a Lecce, il 20 ed il 21 Febbraio 2016
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