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Make marital relationship more attractive

Consuming the right foods along with muscle-strengthening exercise is the solution to a healthier sex life. In addition, some couples also need to have a positive attitude, confidence and a lot of energy to thrive sexually.

1. Positive Status

Be confident in yourself. If weight loss is successful, or even if you are still relatively far from your goal, reward yourself with a sexy outfit or underwear that shows off your new figure. If you first have a feeling of confidence and satisfaction in your body, that feeling is also very characteristically conveyed to your lover. At that time, your boyfriend still saw you as beautiful.

We all love to have measurements of standard intervals like supermodels, but let's be realistic. A body that fits within the closed reach of the man you love as well as the real happiness of both of you is essential.

However, that's why you ignore the diet as well as the exercise and sports you are pursuing. A healthy diet, regular exercise routine and a positive attitude are just the beginning. To sublimate in sex, you also need to get enough sleep, quit smoking, and control stress in your life. All these lifestyle factors not only make you more beautiful, but also increase your confidence in yourself. This process is really the secret to promoting a more fulfilling marriage and sublimation.

2. Eat healthy food

If you follow a heart-healthy diet, you will increase blood flow to different parts of your body, including your reproductive organs. It is this benefit that will help increase libido and sexual effects.

Good health is an integral part of sexual sublimation. A healthy eating lifestyle along with regular exercise are the main road to good health.

Doctors recommend that you eat a low-fat diet with lots of fiber, whole grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables, dairy products, and lean protein. A healthy long-term diet not only helps to satisfy the couple's relationship, but also leads to a great life.

In addition to some familiar foods that help stimulate sex and increase libido such as oysters, dark chocolate, ... Some familiar vegetables also bring great benefits to diagnose sex, for example. As:

Pumpkin seeds: Contains a lot of zinc, which has the ability to increase sexual interest along with the production of lubricants in women. Pumpkin seeds also help to keep your mind calm. According to a statistic, young men who do not have enough zinc for 20 weeks will cause testosterone deficiency, reducing sexual arousal.
Pomegranate: Considered a miracle remedy to overcome erectile dysfunction, pomegranate contains a lot of antioxidants, which help block free radicals that interfere with blood circulation problems. If men drink pomegranate juice continuously for about 1/2 month, the amount of testosterone will increase, helping to sublimate in sex.
Sweet potatoes: This form of nutrient-rich food is always present in many healthy diet menus. Sweet potatoes not only help lose weight, but also support muscle gain and most importantly, prevent erectile dysfunction. The reason is because sweet potatoes contain a lot of potassium, which helps lower blood pressure, thereby increasing the erection ability of men.
Apples: Eating an apple a day can help you have a happy relationship. Thanks to the quercetin compound, apples help prevent and cure prostate cancer.

3. Continuous operation

Daily physical activity is an easy way to improve sexual skills. According to a biology doctor, adults who practice sports continuously not only increase their libido, but also enhance their ability to perform sexual acts and be more satisfied in their sexual life. .

To strengthen heart health along with building endurance, add some high-intensity interval training to your daily fitness schedule. For example, increase the incline, or speed up, on the treadmill for a few minutes at a time during the workout.

Strength training is also a good solution to build lean muscle, and maintain a healthy enough person to complete all activities in regular life, including sexual intercourse.

Kegel exercises for women are also recommended by therapists to maintain a stable pelvic floor diagnosis during pregnancy. These muscles also have the ability to promote orgasm during "combat", thus sublimating in sex. Can you find these pelvic floor muscles when you intentionally block the flow of urine while urinating? This exercise is very easy to do, women can practice tightening the muscles anywhere and anytime they remember during the day.

Regular and reasonable practice will help diagnose many human organs. Just 30 minutes of regular activity a day, you will burn calories, build strong muscles along with feeling more confident, so energetic and stronger when entering sex.

4. Comfort with quantity recharge

It's hard to be in the "love" mood when you're exhausted. A good night's sleep will ensure you have enough energy to do the whole day along with "burning out" in the night.

Mental fitness is also very important. Therefore, temporarily forget about work and some troubles in life. Instead, relax completely and practice focusing on experiencing the pleasures and ecstasy of having sex with your partner. A healthy sex life should be a priority, especially in a long-term sex life. Before having sex, you can wash your armpits with warm water, go for a slow walk, or do anything to relax.

If you must drink alcohol, use it in moderation and limit it. Excessive alcohol use can reduce the amount of energy to have sex. On a romantic evening, both of you need to plan ahead and limit your consumption to just one or two glasses of champagne.

In general, a healthy lifestyle will contribute to the sublimation of marriage. You can improve the quality of your sex life naturally with a healthy diet, physical activity and a positive, confident attitude.

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