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Innovation and forecast: a transatlantic collaboration at 35th America’s Cup


Cutting-edge Italian and American oceanographic research with its best products,SeaConditions and NYHOPS, working together to provide key information about sea state and weather conditions to be used at the next America's cup, on May 6-8, 2016, in New York. A new collaboration between CMCC Ocean-Lab, Links Management and Technology S.p.A and Davidson Laboratory, Steven's Institute of Technology's marine research laboratory.

Cutting-edge Italian and American oceanographic research with its best products, SeaConditions and NYHOPS, the forecasting systems developed by Ocean-Lab and Davidson Laboratory for the Mediterranean and the New York Harbor areas, will have a key role at the next America's cup.

The CMCC Ocean-LabLinks Management and Technology S.p.A. andDavidson Laboratory, Steven's Institute of Technology's marine research laboratory, start in fact a collaboration in order to provide ocean and weather forecasts for the 35th America's Cup, to be held in New York on May 6-8, 2016.

More in detail, NYHOPS (New York Harbor Observing and Prediction System), a vital forecasting resource for emergency preparedness in the metro New York City area and coastal New Jersey created by Davidson Laboratory, will provide forecast data for sea state (currents, water level, temperature, salinity), weather conditions (wind, pressure, air temperature and cloud cover) and waves (height, period and direction). The forecasts will be updated four times a day with 50 m maximum spatial resolution and release every hour.

SeaConditions, the service providing ocean and weather forecasts at sea developed by CMCC Foundation – Ocean Lab and Links Management and Technology S.p.A. in the framework of the TESSA project, will be responsible for their visualization and graphical rendering.

Reliable data and cutting edge visualization systems of renowned marine monitoring and forecasting research: the forefront of Urban Ocean Physics and Coastal Engineering of Davidson Laboratory combined with the excellent capacity of graphical rendering of Ocean-Lab's researchers, will provide for race participants a detailed map of the NY/NJ Harbor Estuary with updated and real-time information.

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Picture by Phil Uhl – CC