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Some types of boils that grow in the private parts of women need to be taken care of

Vagina is a sensitive area as well as normal, it will be very clean and dry, necessary if you see "the little girl" with pimples, then it is certain that there is an abnormal question in life. You need to pay attention to how the stage of the boil on the vulva is, if there are some unusual signs that are different to have the right treatment for the acne-producing agent.
In the following, our doctors will give a clear answer about the stage of acne in women and men to answer the psychological stress, confusion when encountering the reproductive organs with acne. Pus, papules, boils, blisters leading to swelling, redness as well as itching at the "girl".

I. Situations where acne appears in the vulva

Vagina is quite worrisome and needs to be dealt with promptly, but it must be done properly and safely, because it used to be a sensitive place, it is necessary to know if there is a cause for her to finish.
Therefore, each case of acne in the intimate area should pay attention to observe some telltale signs encountered together to determine the source of the common cause or because of the washing problem.

1. Pustules appear on the reproductive part

pustules in her is because you have a gynecological infection or because of careless shaving. Many cases of pustules appear in the private area also because the person has an abscess or changes in the internal secretions of the body too early.
Women who have water boils should definitely not expel them with them because it can easily lead to infection as well as wound transmission. The state of the appearance of pustules in the vagina for a long time does not go to the root, it is necessary for women to immediately go to our gynecologist to be tested and treated at the root.

2. Painless acne appearance in "little girl"

If the lover has a boil in the intimate area, but this boil is not painful, there is a risk that it is just a normal physiological state such as a mole, or because the intimate area is sensitive to cleaning bandages, underarm cleansers, and tissues. Clean.
However, when these acnes are seen many times, they do not disappear completely, but they appear many times more often along with some signs of pain and burning, then it is necessary to go for a test to identify the pathology. Above the body.

3. Flesh pimples at "little girl"

Initially, they are small warts that many women have, these papillomas can be a warning of genital warts, genital warts or warts.
If there is vaginal discharge, you need to monitor it further. If some symptoms of the disease appear more and more and smell bad when you leave the laptop, you should ask the hospital to be examined and identified by a specialist.

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